This Girl Demands An Interesting Thing From Amazon, Got A Bang On Reply From The Company

Girl, Demand, Amazon, reply,, theemergingindia,

Our world is full of astonishing personalities and many interesting and shocking things happen every day. All credit goes to social media, Almost every day we laugh out loud after seeing memes and some other fun stuff. And here is one more, after reading this you will laugh out loud.

Well, So far there has been many such occasion when a person requested many e-commerce companies on social media seeking for the help, including Snapdeal, Myntra, Flipkart and Amazon, on Twitter, but when the companies reply them to resolve their query, person trolled them instead by asking, “Why did Kattappa kill Baahubali at the end?” Something similar has happened again on Twitter and this time, the user has targeted Amazon.

Girl, Demand, Amazon, reply,, theemergingindia,

A girl name Aditi whose official twitter handle is @Sassy_Soul_ has tweeted a concern to Amazon expressing that she doesn’t find what she wants on their website in spite of the greatest  E-commerce business.

Here is what She tweeted:


Be that as it may, the Twitter, rather than proceeding with her grievance, not surprisingly by the organization, took a U-turn and trolled the organization by requesting something exceptionally one of a kind and fascinating.

This is the thing that she has requested from the organization:

And, surprisingly, it is quite normal in the world of social media, Amazon replied her in Bollywood style.

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