Guy Goes Into Coma Seeing All His 14 Girlfriends Together In His Own House


A guy named Rakib, an 18-year-old was no less than a playboy and love switching between his 14 girlfriends. Everything was going on good and according to his wish until 14th February showed up The Valentine’s day. When he woke up in the morning, he saw all his girlfriends standing in front of him in his room.

As his secret of keeping 14 girlfriends got exposed he realised that he is already dead. Seeing all of them he straight went into a coma. One of the girls, Jorina said, “I was really shocked when I got to know that Rakib was cheating on me with 13 other girlfriends. I had doubt on him earlier, so one day I just checked his phone secretly and saw that there were 13 other girls nicknamed Babygirl(1,2,3… And so on) in his messenger. So I informed these other girls and planned this surprise for him this Valentine’s day.”

As the girls loved Rakib they all are sad because he’s in a coma now. They are ready to share Rakib among themselves and hope he gets well soon.

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