A Russia WOMAN was recorded flashing her pants at commuters to raise Voice awareness for ‘upskirting’ laws in Russia.

Student Anna Dovgalyuk, a self-described public activist, didn’t quite get the response she was expecting after releasing the controversial clip.

The activist captioned the video: “This video is ‘dedicated’ to all who love to peek under skirts. On the behalf, all women who became your victims – here, look! And stay away from us.”

Protest, upskirting, activist, Russian, awareness


The disturbing practice of “upskirting” is when strangers discreetly take photos under women’s skirts, usually on busy trains or buses.
Protest, upskirting, activist, Russian, awareness


At the start of the video, Anna makes herself at home in the train station in St Petersburg.

After standing in the middle of the bustling gangways, she proceeds to lift her skirt up to expose her undies. Confused passers-by glanced at the Russian student

Protest, upskirting, activist, Russian, awareness


Unsurprisingly, this resulted in people staring at Anna in confusion.

It’s not exactly clear why Anna thought this would help to stop people from upskirting.

Since the footage was posted online, it’s been viewed more than 1.4 million times.


Protest, upskirting, activist, Russian, awareness


But unfortunately, the makers of the video haven’t quite received the response they were expecting.

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One YouTube commenter remarked: “Someone looked under your skirt and saw your underwear. What is humiliating and insulting in this?”

Another piped up: “W***** themselves provoke this. Normal honest girls do not behave like this.”

Protest, upskirting, activist, Russian, awareness


Some viewers revealed they appreciated the clip, but not for the reason that was intended.

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One YouTube user remarked: “This is my favourite video manifesto”.

Another sleazily added: “Great ass!”

Protest, upskirting, activist, Russian, awareness


And a third said: “It sure is getting hot in my room.”

Similar stunts regularly go viral online.

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