WhatsApp News: WhatsApp Business APK now available for download


As we have given you information there has been testing going on for ‘WhatsApp for Business’ for a while now. The service was finally, officially announced last month and currently, WhatsApp is asking for feedback from early testers regarding its functionality, overall experience and more.

According to a leak shared by Android Police, the Android app can be found on the Google Play Store as a standalone app. The listing reads, “As a test partner for ‘WhatsApp Business’, you have early access to a wide range of new features that we’ve built with you in mind. As you experiment with what this new app has to offer, please share your experiences with us so that we can improve the product.”

Business, testers, partner, experiment, analytics, migration, contact, survey

The app will provide features such as auto responses, creating a business profile, chat migration, and analytics. Users will also be able to register a landline number for WhatsApp Business. This seems to be a great move as most people would not like to share their personal contact number with customers. Businesses can also set ‘Away’ automated responses, which customers will receive while when they are trying to contact you and you are not available.

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Business, testers, partner, experiment, analytics, migration, contact, survey

If you wish to join WhatsApp for Business, you will need to fill the survey and then download the app.

At the moment, BookMyShow and GoIbibo are among the services testing their WhatsApp for Business app.

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