9.  Zeno 

NASA does much more than just space. Robert Conrad with NASA built this device that heats up the acne and kills the bacteria causing it. So say goodbye to costly acne treatment and ointments.

10. Robotic Pillow 

Scientists from the Netherlands believe that people have sleeping problems because they don’t cuddle enough. And so they went out to make a robotic pillow to cuddle. The pillow breathes and can emit soothing sounds like lullabies and nature sounds. Go get the Robotic Pillow and you need not spend sleepless lonely nights.

11. Sony Rolly 

Sony Rolly was perhaps the weirdest product in the Sony stables. It was a speaker like no other. As its name suggests, it could jump, roll and dance according to your will. You can choreograph the moves with the Sony software. Even though it’s discontinued in most countries, this product was far beyond your time.

12. Cool Breeze 

Japan just catered to your feet needs. These Japanese shoes have air-filters installed on the soles to keep your feet ‘cool’ and refreshed.

13. Bone Fone 

Bone Fone came into existence when wearable technology was a baby. It was a spandex covered stereo that can be draped around the neck, and the speakers were supposed to transfer sound to your ears through bone conduction. Eerie, right? But some hearing aids today do use bone conduction technology. The bone fone went out of fashion long back, and you might have to pay a fortune to get them.

14. Husband Hunting Bra 

Move over matrimonial sites, Japan has manufactured a husband finding the bra. Feed the bra a wedding ring stops the countdown stops. The countdown can be set. They never hit the stores, but you can always do it yourself and gift it to the special one.

15. Quantum Levitation 
This isn’t for sale unless you work in a lab that can store liquid nitrogen(-179.95 C). The science behind this is complex but magnetic properties of some materials change in extremely low temperatures, and they repel all magnetic fields.

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