If you haven’t yet mastered the inner workings of a camera, simple photography tricks can help you a great deal. Recently, wedding photographer Mathias Fast has shared a zero-budget hack how to improve your portraits by adding reflections, and it will take every beginner’s shots to a whole new level.

Mathias has been shooting professionally close to 6 six years now. “A phone is almost always in my pocket which is why I find it such a handy tool to use,” he added. “I try not to overuse it (like with anything it can get gimmicky if used too much) but definitely incorporate it a couple times throughout a wedding or portrait session. Sometimes the effects are subtle, sometimes they are much more dramatic. My goal is always to have the viewer pause for a second and try to figure out what is going on in the image.”

Fast also pointed out that this trick isn’t limited to phone screens. “When I’m photographing, my eyes are constantly being drawn to anything remotely reflective that I can use to frame the subject with. Counter-tops, windows – I’ve even used the surface of my watch to bounce some interesting light into a scene.” Scroll down to check out how it works and if you want to learn more, fire up these 10+ Genius Camera Hacks That Will Greatly Improve Your Photography Skills In Less Than 3 Minutes.

One guy has discovered a genius way to make your portraits look dreamy

And this zero-budget hack doesn’t require Photoshop as well.

The only thing you need is your phone.

“Start by holding your phone on a horizontal plane to the bottom edge of your lens”.

“As you look through the viewfinder you’ll see part of the scene reflecting onto the lower part of the image”

“Simply adjust the phone slightly (while still holding it close to the edge of the lens) until you see a reflection that you like:”

Here’s the result!

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Here’s what people thought about the trick:

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