Video: Woman Wearing Nothing But Body Paint Goes On Tinder Date Completely Naked


We live in a society in which nudity in public is still very much regarded as a taboo. In fact, in most US states, being naked when out and about is classified as “indecent exposure”, and as such, is a criminal offense.

And there’s an undeniable irony in the way our culture perceives nudity – on the one hand, we’re utterly outraged by it and on the other, we are totally fascinated and drawn towards it.

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But the whole concept of nudity in public was turned on its head in a video uploaded earlier this month.

paint, body painted, fascinated , Tinder,

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Yes, it turns out that you can totally get away with leaving your home entirely naked, with just a thin layer of paint to cover your bits.

paint, body painted, fascinated , Tinder,

You may remember a little while ago a video of a woman covered in body paint, walking around a mall entirely in the nude – aside from a couple of pasties and a thong.

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Well, the woman behind that incredible and unprecedented video, known as “Jen The Body Painter”, has made another video featuring another naked adventure.

paint, body painted, fascinated , Tinder,

This time a model called Joy was body painted and sent on a Tinder date without any clothes on.

Watch Out Here 

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