Watch: This Girl From Germany Is Giving Tough Competition To Actresses.


The Internet is the best platform to become famous. If you have that art and talent, no one can stop you from popularity.

In the past, we have seen how Arshad Chaiwala looks, Priya Prakash’s wink and Nepali Sabziwali’s hot figure became viral. Today, we are here to introduce you to a foreigner who has been taking the internet by storm with her dance videos.

No one knows much about her, but all we know is that she’s the talented Elif Khan. This pretty girl belongs to Germany & she has a huge interest in Bollywood. Since she belongs to a small village here, she didn’t get many opportunities. Elif has uploaded many videos on her YouTube account and they have gripped the netizens in no time.

From Ghoomar to Swag Se Swagat, Elif has not only danced on these songs but has also choreographed them. In fact, she has danced better than all other Bollywood actresses.

Her moves have left us awestruck. She has left behind big dancers too;

Don’t miss her Swag Se Swagat…


And also the latest song Ghoomar…

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Elif has an amazing dance style and she can give tough competition to anyone. It was her passion for dance that has made her so famous today.

Elif has been performing right from childhood & we could see the perfection in the videos.

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