Virat Kohli & Cristiano Ronaldo Together In An Ad Is A Better Crossover Than ‘Infinity War’


Virat Kohli and Cristiano Ronaldo – two of the biggest names in the sports industry and honestly, both of them are superstars in their own realm.

But these days, we have been hearing their names together for so many different reasons.

First, it was Dwayne Bravo calling Virat the ‘Cristiano Ronaldo’ of cricket, and I totally agree, tbh. He said, “When I see Virat, I see the Cristiano Ronaldo of cricket. That’s the level at which he is at. For me, as a cricket player to play against him, and to watch him play when he represents India or even RCB (Royal Challengers Bangalore) admires the talent that he has, the passion and talent that he has for the sport and the way he plays. Hats off to him! He deserves all the accolades that he’s getting.”

Well said.

And, then there was Virat himself talking about the football star. In a recent interview with the NDTV, Kohli himself had said that he sees himself more as a Cristiano Ronaldo than Lionel Messi, especially from the skill point of view.

Well, I feel like it was time for both of these stars to finally come together, in one way or another.

Recently, they both appeared in an ad together and made every fan’s day. The short TVC for American Tourister starts off at an airport with Ronaldo refusing to put his bag in the luggage checker, he was so attached to the bag he goes in the scanner himself.

Then it shows the footballer in the luggage collection area, with people clicking pictures of him, but oh wait, someone’s there to steal his thunder. Obviously, that someone is Virat Kohli.

Here’s the whole Ad

Also, before you come at me with receipts, I know that Virat Kohli is just added for the Indian ad and the original one is just of Ronaldo, but we still got both of them together and what more can you ask for now?

It’s a great ad and well, let’s just enjoy that.