Viral Video: Woman Dries Underwear On Moscow-bound Flight

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The internet is no stranger to weird flying stories. In the past few months, reports of aircraft landing a few minutes after a take-off due to putrid stenches that come from abnormal bowel movements have become a norm.

social media, Internet, flight, Eyewitnesses , underwear ,

The latest story that came into the limelight of social media is a viral video of a woman drying her underwear using the vent of the aircraft.

The video was taken aboard a Ural Airlines flight heading to Moscow after taking off from Antalya, Turkey. The clip, shot on February 14, was sent to Russia’s ‘The First Tula‘ website that shared the clip on YouTube, The Sun reported.

“People looked with surprise but all were silent,” The First Tula quotes an anonymous eyewitness.

Eyewitnesses also said the woman wasn’t even slightly embarrassed as she continued to air the knickers for the next 20 minutes.

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