Trump Tower Launched In Gurugran, 20 Luxury Apartments Worth Rs 150 Cr Sold In 24 Hours


There are no such things as bad publicity, you just become famous for different reasons. Not sure how authentic it stands for each person, but for sure it is doing wonders for Donald Trump. The US President may not have been successful in wooing people based on his wits, policies, reforms, executions or tweets, but the guy is getting famous.

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In collaboration with M3M and Tribeca developers, global realty emblem the Trump Towers made its debut in India yesterday, and within the day of its launch, it has sold apartments worth Rs 150 Crore.

Given Donald Trump’s history, his brands are still able to cast a dent in world markets.

collaboration, brand, history, project, investment, exclusive, development,

Within an afternoon of its launch, M3M under the brand name of Trump Towers offered over 20 luxurious flats at Gurgaon’s Golf Course Road. The total sale was worth Rs 150 crore, far from company’s target of 2,500 crores.

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The towers will have 250 units.

At the same time as M3M is developing the task at the funding of Rs 1,200 crore, excluding land cost, Tribeca has got the exclusive right to market this project.


“We have recorded sales of Rs. 150 crore on the first day of launching the iconic Trump Towers in Gurgaon,” M3M India Director Pankaj Bansal said in a statement, reports PTI.


These 250 units are utterly luxurious, as the brand name suggests and will cost anywhere between 5-10 crores. The development of these towers, each of which will have 50 floors and over 600 feet facing Gurgaon’s Golf Course Road will commence in March and complete in the next 5 years.

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