How many times does it happen that you are scrolling through a celebrity’s social media and you find unflattering photos? Never, right? They just look flawless in all of them. But it’s not only the beauty which is responsible, there are some tricks which celebrities use.

1. Celebrities use special lights while clicking photos.

This is one of the most used tricks. Even YouTubers use something called ring light which focuses on their faces making the skin look flawless.

2. Celebrities do a lot of outdoor shoots.

That way they don’t have to worry about the lights much, as natural light is the best.

3. The word is out that Kim Kardashian uses LuMee case for most of her photos.

Next time you’re disappointed with your low light selfies, remember using her tricks.

4. Lightning is only half the battle.

You have to do a lot more for perfect photos. The right angle is also an important part. You should pose like a top model.

5. Holding your phone in the right position.

Go through the Instagram photos of celebrities yourself. Notice how while taking a selfie they hold their phone at or above eye level. Because they have known by now that from below the chin, their faces won’t look sleek and structured.

6. Which profile works best?

Left profile or right? It is found that some celebrities mostly click their left face, while others right.

7. Standing photos are always better than the sitting ones.

Standing pictures showcase your whole body posture, lengthening every body part. Obviously, that’s more flattering than sitting clumsily.

8. Know the pose which works for you the best.

Laverne Cox has surely mastered this art. This pose flatters every good feature of her body. There is no single pose which works well for all. Everyone is unique.

9. Tilting the chin down slightly(without pressing too hard).

Celebrities use the face tricks all the time. And now that the secret is spilt, try in your next picture.

10. Smiling with tongue sticking to the roof of the mouth.

This is one of the tricks you wouldn’t have found out if it weren’t for us. Sticking the tongue above makes your cheekbones flash, and everything around the jawline structured.

11. Celebrities remember to stand in front of simple backgrounds.

Messy bedroom or kitchen anyway doesn’t make for the perfect background. But with a simple backdrop, the focus is sure to fall on the subject, which is you.

12. The ‘relaxed hand’ pose.

The hands practically don’t do anything here, but the poised pose just looks natural and makes the picture complete.

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