Teachers Told 17-Year-Old Student To Cover “Distracting” Nipples With Band-Aids

Nipple, American high schools, Student , Teachers

In recent many American high schools have been consistently popping into headlines because of their misogynistic dress policies. Countless schools up and down the country have been called out by female students who have been unreasonably attacked for their choice of attire.

The latest school to be added to this list is Manatee High School in Brandeton, Florida, where 17-year-old Lizzy Martinez was asked to cover her nipples with band-aids after failing to wear a bra under what is by all reasonable standards a relatively heavy jumper.

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Taking to Twitter after the event, Martinez wrote, “I decided not to wear a bra today and got pulled out of class bc one of my teachers complained that it was a ‘distraction to boys in my class.’ My school basically told me that boys’ education is far more important than mine and I should be ashamed of my body.”

Nipple, American high schools, Student , Teachers


The 17-year-old also revealed that she was so traumatized by the incident that she was reduced to tears.


Nipple, American high schools, Student , Teachers


Martinez is pictured above in the loose-fitting Calvin Klein that was reportedly causing such a big distraction.


Nipple, American high schools, Student , Teachers


However, when compared to the jumper Bella Hadid wore to show off her nipples, it’s safe to say that Martinez was doing nothing wrong.

In an interview with the Metro, the 17-year-old said, “The dean at my school, Violeta Velazquez, she told me that there was a concern from a teacher that I wasn’t wearing a bra.”

Nipple, American high schools, Student , Teachers


“The teacher called the office and said it was distracting to herself and boys in the class.”As you can tell from the photograph above, Martinez’ nipples were not even visible.


Nipple, American high schools, Student , Teachers


“I was appalled at first and looked at her, and said ‘You’re joking, right?’” Martinez continued in her interview.“I felt completely violated when the dean proceeded to ask me if I was wearing undergarments.



Nipple, American high schools, Student , Teachers


“When I told her no, she continued to ask me why not. “I was sobbing in the clinic where I was given bandages to cover up.”Needless to say, Martinez immediately informed her mother about what had happened when she returned home from school that day and she too was outraged.

In the high school’s dress code, nothing is mentioned about wearing clothing that could potentially show off a woman’s nipples.

Nipple, American high schools, Student , Teachers


The school’s superintendent was subsequently contacted. While he agreed that Martinez was not wrong to have worn the jumper that reportedly exposed her nipples, he stood by his staff member’s decision to tell her to cover up and will be updating the dress code accordingly.Martinez, however, has blasted his decision as unfair and misogynistic.

“I did my research and it’s completely illegal,” Martinez said.

“You can’t make girl students abide by a dress code that boys don’t have to abide by.

Nipple, American high schools, Student , Teachers


“So if the policy for next year is the need to wear a bra – I’d like to see boys in my class with jock straps and bras on as well.”

We hope that the publicity this story has received prompts Manatee High School into rethinking its decision.

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