10 Surprising Facts About Love Bites We Bet You Didn’t Know


6. These can be permanent scars.

Hickeys can stay for weeks or even become permanent in nature. Despite that initial fun, these marks will remind you of that night with your spouse or lover for a long time to come and in some cases, they never fade away. This depends on factors like depth of the bruise and the complexion of your skin because lighter skin toned people will suffer harder. Therefore, it’s sensible to tell your partner to go easy so as to avoid any permanent damage.

7. Love bites can even cause strokes!

Strokes and love bites go hand-in-hand. That’s scary, isn’t it? But it’s true. In 2011, a woman from New Zealand did suffer a stroke from one. Another case was reported in 2016 when a Mexican teenager died from a stroke after a love bite caused a blood clot that moved to his brain. So, be careful!

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8. They have a special mention in the Kamasutra.

Hickeys aren’t a new phenomenon for they have a special mention in the Kamasutra, where they’re called ‘the coral and the jewel’ – the lip is the coral and the teeth the jewels.

9. Dreaming of hickeys = a toxic relationship!

If you’re dreaming about Hickeys, be watchful. Psychological studies have suggested that even dreaming about them indicate nothing sexual but could be a possibility of you suffering a toxic relationship. Or it may also suggest a battle between your head and heart. Now, who has control over their dreams?

10. They can cause serious sex injuries.

Those love bites can really hurt you – not just with the permanent scars but also damage your nervous system and blood vessels, leading to one of the most common sex injuries. You can hurt yourselves badly so, therefore, it’s important to go easy on that!

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