Staring At Boobs Is One Of Six Ways Men Can Actually Live Longer

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Everyone wants to live forever, and as a result, there seems to be a new “fountain of youth” health craze every other month. Turns out you don’t need a fad diet and it may actually be incredibly simple to add a few years on to one’s life – that is, if you’re male.

Men can already expect shorter lifespans than women, with the average American man living to age 76 as opposed to his female counterpart who lives to age 81. However, the key to many men living longer may actually lie with women, or, more specifically, with their anatomy.

Check out the list below to find out why staring at boobs and having sex, among other things, may actually make you live longer:

1. Staring at boobs

Despite the fact that staring at a woman’s chest can be rather offensive, it has many benefits to men aside from enjoyment. In fact, it actually creates a positive mindset in men.

Though men don’t have to be pigs when ogling women, it turns out they can also just look at adorable real pigs instead, as the same positive mindset in occurs when they look at cute animals, too.

According to a study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, having a positive mindset achieved by looking at boobs or otherwise, showed a direct correlation with men’s health.

In the study, half of the patients were asked to write down positive thoughts in the morning while half did not. Of the half that did, a significantly higher portion of men improved their lifestyle, followed their medication plan, and generally improved as opposed to those who did not.

2. Have lots of sex

This should be music to most men’s ears! Yes, it’s no secret that sex has a whole host of health benefits, but it can also help men live longer, too.

According to the study in the BMJ, sex can actually decrease a man’s mortality rate by a whopping 50%!  Those men who reported having more orgasms actually added three to eight years onto their lives.

The reason for this is because sex releases “happy hormone” serotonin and is an excellent stress reliever. Reducing stress, in general, helps protect against illness and extends the lifespan.

So what’s the next step? I hear wedding bells…

3. Get married

This may not be true for everyone and it turns out it depends on what age a man gets married. According to a survey of over 127,000 Americans, it was men who got married after age 25 who saw health benefits from finding a spouse and extended their lifespans.

However, researchers have also questioned whether the results may have been skewed by the behavior patterns of healthy vs unhealthy men when it comes to finding a mate in the first place.

Apparently, unhealthy men prefer to marry earlier, are less likely to divorce, and are more likely to remarry if widowed or divorced than healthy men.

So this one may not be so much about living with another person as it is about the later age at which healthier men, more likely to live longer anyway, choose to get married.

That being said, healthy married men still live longer than their unmarried counterparts. So there is something to be said for finding a supportive partner.

4. Be responsible

While you may hate mornings and regularly press snooze two or three times before dragging yourself out of bed, having a reason to get up in the morning can do wonders for your health!

Research conducted for the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology suggests that having a sense of responsibility adds years to a person’s life. In the study, it was found that seniors living in a nursing home who were given a plant to care for had better socialization and general function.

Want to step things up from caring for the greenery? Turns out having kids is good for you, too…

5. Have kids

So now you’re married, got a responsible job, what’s next? Kids, of course! A study in the Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health discovered that men who were married and have kids live longer.

Researchers found that by age 60, men with children could expect two years to be added to their lifespans. By age 80, these men were given an extra eight months of life as opposed to their childless counterparts.

6. Get a “dad-bod”

This will be welcome news to those men who hate the gym!

While it’s commonplace for men with kids to get a so-called “dad-bod”, a book called How Men Age states that this is actually a good thing. It turns out that chubby men have a lower risk of a heart attack or getting prostate cancer and are more likely to spend quality time with their kids.

Believe it or not, author Richard G. Bribiescas argues that the increased fat levels also make these men more attractive to women. I have to admit, Jason Segal totally rocked the sexy “dad-bod” in Saving Sarah Marshall.