Instagram keeps incorporating new features from time to time to enhance user-friendliness & to let users enjoy something new and happening.

Latest feature that Instagram introduced is “Ask Me A Question”. Yes, in this, Insta users can ask any questions and get instant answers. Even celebs are using this feature to communicate with their fans.

Today, SRK used this feature and hosted an #AskSRK session on Instagram. Usually, he does it on Twitter but this time, he wanted to bring in a twist and hence, chose a different platform.

As usual, SRK’s replies were hilarious & witty. Some users crossed all limits of asking weird questions, but SRK very well knew how to handle them.

Here are some screenshots of questions and answers;

Someone actually asked him “How many times do you poop?”

He answered, “Really? Is that all u cud ask? Wow!!”

And here are some more answers from King Khan…

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He always rocks it with his wit and humour, don’t you agree?