You will probably think we are lying when we tell you that the sexy superstar Shakira is 41-Year-Old! She looks super young and the girls out there are obviously jealous. Not only is she famous, rich, talented, and beautiful but Shakira was blessed with glow and lots of magnetic energy that oozes out of every pretty pore. Billions of her fans have praised the energetic superstar for many years, and no doubt her beauty still steals the spotlight, looks so young as if she is just 25 years old and definitely not 41-Year-Old. She has a beauty that leaves people mesmerized and it’s her beauty that makes her toe-tapping songs more beautiful.

Whether it is a strict healthful diet, luck of good genes a well-followed fitness routine, or an expensive skin care regimen or a mixture of all of it, but the charm she holds amazes everyone. She has the secret to a beautiful and young skin.

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Here are top 15 pictures of Shakira which will leave you captivated!

15. Ravishing In Maroon

14. Rocking Out

13.Absolutely Amazing

12. Supports Her Man 

11. Fun With Fashion

10. She Never Stops

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9. Top Notch Top Knot

8. She Loves Her Pet

7. Effortless On And Off Stage

6. Cover Girl

5. Blonde Beauty

4. Exercise The Secret

3. Sultry Stunner

2. Capped Cutie

1. Golden Goddess

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These pictures of Shakira proves that she is no doubt very young and beautiful an still has the talent to leave people mesmerized by her songs and her beauty. This amazing look is timeless and tasteful, and the young looking singer looks like a work of art. Red is ravishing, exactly like Shakira. Be it jeans or tee or a dress, Shakira is always fashionable and feminine.

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