18 Pictures Of Drunk Bollywood Celebs. They Look So Different

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We have seen our Bollywood actors in various avatars in Hindi movies, and in real life also most of the actors try to portray a nice image in the public and media. Well, it’s none of our business to know what they do in their personal life, but definitely, there is a curiosity among the common public to know what they do in their night parties.

They are rich and famous; they wear designer clothes, costly accessories, drive expensive cars but they are never seen in open consuming alcohol. They may not endorse alcohol in public or save themselves from being seen in drink state in public, but the truth is that everyone drinks or enjoys at a certain point in time.

It is heard that Bollywood parties start at night and get over in the morning. There are very few actors who you can’t find in these parties but believe us you will find the majority of the Bollywood in these parties.

Here are 18 photos of your favorite movie stars who got drunk and lost themselves in ecstasy:

1. Salman Khan & Hrithik Roshan


2. Alia Bhatt


3. Ameesha Patel


4. Arjun Kapoor


5. Salman Khan

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6. Shah Rukh Khan & Sanjay Dutt

7. Ameesha Patel

8. Hard Kaur


9. Hrithik Roshan & Ameesha Patel


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10. Kareena Kapoor

11. Manisha Koirala


12. Ranbir Kapoor


13. Salman Khan & Gang

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14. Shah Rukh Khan & Sanjay Dutt


15. Shah Rukh Khan & Bipasha Basu


16. Sonam Kapoor


17. Sonam Kapoor


18. Vidya Balan


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