20 Pictures Show That Japan Is Not Like Any Other Country


Japan is a place loved by all but not known by many. Their culture and discipline are so enticing, you won’t be able to stop yourself from loving them straight away. Their yummy foods will make you drool, the niceness in people will shock you. Most importantly, the inventions in that country will blow you away.

Hence, this gallery will make you well-accustomed to everything that is Japan. You’d feel their culture has embraced you completely.

1. Hospital food in Japan is better than what we eat at fancy dinners.


2. This is a note that says, “I accidentally knocked over your bike and broke the bell. I am sorry,” in Japanese.


3. Attach the baby to the wall in the washrooms and do your business. This is so innovative and nice, it makes me speechless.


4. Koi fish live in the drainage in Japan because the water is so clean.


5. Name of the drinks is printed in Braille on the top of the cans. It is so darn convenient for people with visual disabilities.

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6. Kids in school do the cleaning themselves. There are no cleaners. This is a way of showing how grateful they are for the education they are getting and they want to be a better member of society.


7. A person dropped their shopping bag on the road and when they came back to look for it, someone left it by a tree without touching it.