#21 This Shopping Center In Japan Has Free Refrigerated Lockers For Your Perishables So You Can Keep Shopping After You Get Your Groceries.


#22 At Narita International Airport (Tokyo) They Give You Free Origami Instead Of Candy.


#23 Photo I Took Of Tokyo Commuters Waiting For Their Train.


#24 Japanese Being Japanese.


#25 This Smartphone Wiper Dispenser In Japan.

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#26 In Japan, Even The Deer Are Polite.


#27 In Japan, The Ground Crew Bows And Waves Goodbye To The Departing Aircraft.


#28 Japanese Airport Staff Sorted Luggage On The Belt By Their Colour.


#29 Ordered This From Japan And It Came With A Little Note And Origami Crane.


#30 This Bedside Lamp At My Hotel In Japan Can Be Half Lit.

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