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#11 I Dropped My Shopping Bag On The Streets Of Osaka And When I Went Back To Look For It Later That Day, Someone Had Placed It Next To A Tree Untouched.


#12 Commuters In Tokyo Pushed A Train Car To Save A Woman Who Fell And Got Stuck Between The Car And The Platform.


#13 Japanese Toilets Often Have A Button That Plays White Noise/Water Sounds So You Can Poop Without Other People Hearing Your Business.


#14 Koi Fishes Even Live In Drainage Channels In Japan.


#15 Another Reason Why I Love Japan.

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#16 In Trains You Can Rotate The Seats In Any Direction.

#17 Another Great Japanese Invention: Umbrella Lockers. So You Don’t Have To Carry Them Around Inside A Building And Nobody Takes Yours ‘Accidentally’.


#18 This Toilet In Japan Has A System Of Occupied/Vacant Toilets Information.


#19 Expectations Meet Reality In Japan.


#20 This Japanese Gum I Have Came With Little Pieces Of Paper Inside For You To Spit Your Gum Into When You’re Finished With It.


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