Nick Jonas And John Stamos Are Uproariously Trolling Each Other And We Can’t Stop Laughing Over It

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Trolls are fun and when it’s an adoring troll war between two friends, we know it’s worth paying attention to. Nick Jonas and John Stamos taught us just how healthy and hilarious a troll war can be. Their friendship began in 2k18 and it has been a tumultuous troll journey since then. It started with John Stamos and his PDA for the boy band. From some harmless fashion nods to a troll war in full throttle, Nick Jonas and John Stamos have kept the fun alive in their bromance. They acted together in the TV series Scream Queens. Here’s how they have been getting back at each other.

Singer Nick Jonas and Actor John Stamos may appear like a strange bromance but the two can’t stop adoringly trolling each other.

Image credits: Stephen Lovekin

With the Jonas Brothers coming out of their 6-year long break, the fans are on their toes with excitement. John Stamos, apparently one of their biggest fans, has been doing his part to show his admiration for the band throughout this prolonged time.

Image credits: JonasConcerts

The actor, John Stamos has been photographed in his Jonas Brothers merch for quite many times. This image of his donning a worn out Jonas Brothers tee got the world talking. This photo was taken at his rehearsal for the 4th of July concert in Washington DC in 2k18.

Image credits: Kevin Mazur

Then again, at the 2k18 American Music Awards, John Stamos was seen showing off his Jo-Bro merch. We see how he enticed Nick Jonas for his move.

The fans finally got to see another chapter of this story when Nick Jonas donned a black hoodie with an image of the actor wearing the Jonas Brothers tee. Nick Jonas then posted it on Instagram, tagging the actor and captioned the image “it’s your move”.

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There’s still more to the story guys. To answer Nick Jonas, the actor then posted an image where he was sleeping on a pillow. The catch? The customized pillowcase. John Stamos then captioned the image “I had the craziest dream last night…” We wonder what he must be dreaming about.

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After Sucker touched the #1 position and was at the top of the charts, Nick Jonas posted an image of him sleeping soundly at night. He was tucked in a blanket that had the image of John Stamos sleeping with his customized pillow.

Image credits: nickjonas

In response to this dreamy inception photo, Jonas posted a photo of him tucked in with a giant Stamos-Jonas blanket to celebrate his song hitting the top of the charts. It’s safe to say we are all suckers for this duo and can’t wait to see what happens next, perhaps we will see Stamos in a Jo-Bros video? you never know.

People were impressed with the level of trolling

And hoped to see it continue