News Channels Made A Joke Of Sridevi’s Death, Used Disgusting Approach To Explain It

heart attack, bathtub , disclosures , speculating , drinks, influence , bathroom

The Indian news channels are more famous for creating news rather than showing the truth and now they have stooped to a new low by sensationalizing the death of veteran actress Sridevi.

 heart attack, bathtub , disclosures , speculating , drinks, influence , bathroom

Sridevi died on the night of Saturday in Dubai where she went to attend the wedding of her nephew Mohit Marwah. Earlier it was said that the reason for her death is a heart attack but later on, the forensic report stated that there were traces of alcohol in Sridevi’s blood. She lost her balance, fell in the bathtub and got drowned accidentally.

 heart attack, bathtub , disclosures , speculating , drinks, influence , bathroom

The whole Indian media panicked at the disclosures and started speculating all the angles behind the death of the actress but some news channels crossed all the limits of insensibility.

Check out some of them:

1. This news anchor is shown in the bathroom with a glass of wine in the bathroom as if they are sure that the actress was drinking inside the bathroom and she was so under its influence that she lost her balance. They are damn determined to prove that Sridevi was a drinker.


2. They have renamed the bathtub as “Maut ka bathtub (Bathtub of Death)” and with Sridevi’s photo on the wall, this news channel must have solved the case.

3. This channel has gone so low that they have shown Sridevi inside the bathtub. Now, this is really the death of journalism.

4. This south Indian channel is not only showing Sridevi in the bathtub but also Boney Kapoor in the bathroom as if they have reconstructed the scene and solved the case.

5. Now there is no doubt that the reporter has no brain otherwise he wouldn’t have done this:

Disgusting to the core:

Journalism stoops new low:

Did they have a camera in her bathroom?


They even know how much wine she drank.. Heights of non-sense!

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