You Must Not Dare To Do These Normal Things In Dubai


All of us has different traditions, different cultures, different rituals and other religious practices. Even all the countries have different laws, concepts, and practices. Maybe, things that are normal in your country, are considered extreme in other countries.

Here we have got you some normal things that one should not dare to do in Dubai, and if you dare to do then be ready to face the further consequences!

1. Public Singing And Dancing

For some of us, public singing and dancing is just a normal part of our modern culture, but you’ll be amazed to know this is one of the intolerant things in Dubai. Also, it is a punishable offense if you play loud music in the streets of Dubai.

2. Public Drinking

Probably drinking alcohol in pubs and bars is just a common activity of your day but if you do this in Dubai you’ll be charged under some strict rules and regulations.


3. PDA!

Public display of affection is not lesser than an offense in Dubai. So, beware of PDA there! Keep all your love in your heart and wait till you reach a private place with your partner.


4. Over Styling

Now, this is something really outlandish. There is a ban on even styling. You must keep your fashion in a sensible and controlled way. Make sure your skin should not peep out of your clothes.


5. Photography

Clicking pictures are really an important part of our happy days. But if you are in Dubai you should give a special consent towards your photography, and being a traveler if you really want to capture the colors of their daily life then make sure that you don’t invade the privacy their women.


6. Language

You should be very careful of your words because using abusive and vulgar language in Dubai is never an option. Also, do never dare to speak against Islam.

7. Drug Abuse

There are very strict rules against the possession and use of the drug.


8. Nudity

People are not allowed to go out topless. Both the men and women have to keep them covered.

9. Lavish Expenditure

If you are in Dubai please don’t use lavish expenditure, as it is against their ethics.

10. LGBT Identity

If you belong to LGBT community in Dubai then be ready to get judged, even it is a crime there.

11. Public Eating During Ramadan

This is the most offensive among all the things. You just cannot eat in public during Ramadan and if you do so then you’ll be cursed by others.

12. Using The Left Hand

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