Mother Shares Heart-Rending Photos Of Her Miscarried 14 Week Old Fetus

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It is well said that nobody could understand the pain and sorrow of a mother who lost her unborn child better than she herself. The growing fetus in a mother’s womb is still her baby even when he is not born yet. This is a tragic story of a woman who miscarried her 14 weeks old baby boy after he lost his battle of survival in his mother’s womb. The baby had perfectly formed tiny parts. The parents of the baby later had to bury his body in a flowerpot as they couldn’t have a proper burial for him as per the laws.


The story belongs to a woman named Sharron Sutherland who hails from Missouri. The parents of the baby were left devasted as they heard about their unborn child being miscarried in the womb. The fetus died inside the womb after staying there for 14 weeks. The doctors were unable to save it and the baby lost it fight to the death.