Childbirth is truly an unforgettable experience but setting a world record by your delivery is something that makes it a part of our memory forever. Recently, a world record of the heaviest baby born in the world is set by a newly born who weighs 18 kgs. An overweight mom gave birth to the heaviest baby ever born. The full story and the effects are stated below.

As we all are aware that giving birth is a very painful process. But when we see the face of the baby it makes the pain worth it. Usually, babies born are between the weight of 2.5 to 4.3 Kgs. But imagine giving birth to the heaviest baby ever born or a child weighing five times of it. A mom gave birth to a child who weighs 18 kgs and it was really shocking even for the hospital staff. None of them has ever witnessed something like this.

Before the birth of the child, the doctors assumed that may be the mom of the child is having twins or triplets but when the single baby who weighs 18 Kgs was born it left everybody stunned. This baby indeed set the record of the heaviest baby born till now.

There was no way the mom of the child could deliver him through normal delivery. So the Doctors suggested cesarean. The doctors performed cesarean for a long time.

“In previous situations, we had already dealt with overweight women. However, we had never witnessed anything like what we were seeing. Without a doubt, this birth will be recorded forever in our lives. However, we realized that it was a very robust and large baby. I’m sure he’ll be a professional rugby player when he gets older,” He said jokingly.

This is not a typical delivery case that doctors faced. This condition was rare and problematic which can cause Macrostomia. It could also give birth to the following problems.

1. Polycythemia

Polycythemia is the condition of an increased number of red blood cells in the body. This condition slows down the process of blood flowing through veins and also affect the central nervous system which is the main monitor of the brain.

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