Meet The Villain Responsible For Kapil Sharma’s Downfall


We bring you the behind-the-scenes drama which led to the announcement that The Kapil Sharma Show is going off the air and the man who was responsible for Kapil Sharma’s exit.

People have been talking about Kapil’s mysterious habit of ditching the stars (Shah Rukh KhanAnil KapoorIleana D’CruzAjay Devgn) who turned up on the sets to shoot with him, which he strangely blamed on anxiety brought on by a Vitamin B12 deficiency.

Little do you know who has largely been responsible for ruining Kapil Sharma’s glorious run on national television! The man in question is Rajiv Dhingra, who is directing Kapil’s upcoming film Firangi.

After the mid-air fracas with Sunil Grover, which resulted in a large part of the team (Sunil Grover, Ali Asgar, Sugandha Mishra) disowning Kapil, Rajiv Dhingra was appointed as the creative director of the show.

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Rajiv Dhingra And Kapil Sharma
But Dhingra could not get along with or control the team. As a result, deadlines were not met, scripts were never ready on time and the quality of the show dropped (The TRPs tumbled from 2.9 to 1.3 in 4 months). Many members of the old and existing team did not like Rajiv Dhingra.

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And lo- bet you didn’t know that Sony called a closed-door meeting at Juhu Marriott to save the show from going off air about 100 hours before the announcement of closure was made.

The biggest surprise of this meeting was that a lot of the old team, including the writers who had left the show in March, were summoned back.  However, they told Sony that they would love to come back but only if Dhingra was not at the helm.

However, a rude shock lay in store. Kapil did not want to let go off Dhingra.

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