In Mall, Fan Warned Shilpa To Stay Away From Aakash. Video Is Going Viral On The Internet.


Inorbit mall in Vashi drew a huge crowd on Thursday, way to Bigg Boss contestants. Hina Khan, Shilpa Shinde, Vikas Gupta and Luv Tyagi got here to the mall for the method of living voting.

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well, lovers had got berserk; they demanded autographs and also showered their favorite contestants with gifts. Not only that, they even gave them some valuable recommendation so that they win the sport. Vikas Gupta was visible telling how a woman gave him advice about not crying and being robust in the game.

internet, fans, social media, crying, crowd , showered, valuable , valuable

Even Shilpa Shinde got a piece of advice. We realize how Aakash Dadlani has been using Shilpa over and over; nicely, a fan is telling Shilpa to not accept as true with Aakash in any respect given that he’s gambling a sport along with her and using her.

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In the fan’s phrases, “Aakash Kisika saga Nahi hai”. He warned Shilpa to stay away from him and not do whatever for him. Watch the video, it’s going viral on the internet…

This was indeed a valuable advice for Shilpa and we hope she keeps this in mind. Don’t you agree with this fan?

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