Linda Hamilton Is Back As Sarah Connor In ‘Terminator 6’


Terminator 6 is in production, and Linda Hamilton is back. John Connor’s mom also looks as badass as she did when the first movie premiered in 1984.

No less than Arnold Schwarzenegger and James Cameron both hinted at her return, so it’s nice to know they weren’t just jerking our chains.

These pics are new and likely were made while the movie was shooting in Madrid.

She looks like she could still take on killer robots—for that matter, so does Halt and Catch Firestar Mackenzie Davis, also captured on camera during the same shoot.

Davis’s obvious resemblance to Hamilton certainly suggests she could be playing someone related to Sarah Connor—maybe her daughter. 

In an interview conducted by director Tim Miller for The Hollywood Reporter, Cameron said the new movie “is a continuation of the story from Terminator 1 and Terminator 2.

We won’t really know what he has in store until November 22, 2019.

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