In Today’s time, every other teenager is suffering from the pain of having pimples all over the face or unclear skin or any other skin problem. The problem is so serious that nearly 80% of the world’s population is suffering from it. We can’t even keep the count that how many times how many people told us to do how many things to have a clear spotless skin but all went in vain. But I think the wait is over because a teenager boy shared his proved remedy for clearing your skin within a matter of months and get an absolute acne free skin.

Acne Problem, Treating, Severe, Teenager , Internet, Crazy


16 years old, Carlos who is a high school student is just another boy like us who was having severe red spots and acne on his skin. But after trying the following five steps he got a clear skin in just 8 months. He took his twitter handle to share his remedy for a skin problem. The drastic change in his skin left everyone shocked and her tweet went viral in no time. As he used products which were not very expensive and pocket-friendly so everyone decided to give it a try.

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Step One: He used to wash his face with low pH cleanser every morning which helped him to balance the skin. The product he used was Cosrx Loe pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser which costs just $10. But at the end of the day, he uses Mario Badescu Acne Facial Cleanser which costs just $15.

Acne Problem, Treating, Severe, Teenager , Internet, Crazy


Step Two: The toner Carlos uses in daytime was  Lumen Klassikko Toner which doesn’t cost more than $10 and in night time he uses  Mario Badescu Glycolic Acid Toner with the MRP of $18, for closing the pores and exfoliation respectively.

Step Three: To reduce the red spots on his skin Carlos used $11 Art Natural Vitamin C Serum which he used to mix with Mario Badescu Whitening Mask with the price of $24.

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Acne Problem, Treating, Severe, Teenager , Internet, Crazy


Step Four: For hydration and moisturization he used E.L.F. cream which cost $8 and at night time he uses Advanced Clinical Collagen Skin Rescue Lotion with the price of $9.

Step Five:  Last but not the least ‘Sunscreen’. Carlos uses Neutrogena clear face sunscreen which can easily be available to you at any drugstore at just $10.Acne Problem, Treating, Severe, Teenager , Internet, Crazy

So here are all the steps that helped Carlos to get rid of all the red spots and acne from his skin. You can use these steps to get a clear and healthy skin.

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