10+ Hot Pictures Of Emilia Clarke That Are Going To Make You Fall For Her


Here are hot pictures of Emilia Clarke. Brace Yourselves!

1. She literally is the Khaleesi. Just look at her.






2. Emilia Clarke, redefining the word hot. 








3. Be it, Khal Drogo or Jon Snow or anyone, you cannot stop yourself from falling in love with Emilia Clarke. 


4. Not just Westeros, she deserves to be the queen of the world. These pictures are beautiful.


5. To be honest, all these pictures of Emilia Clarke deserves to be everyone’s wallpaper. 




6. Oh my goodness, what was the almighty thinking when he made her so hot?


7. All these pictures are making my heart skip a beat.


8. Hot, beautiful, gorgeous, sexy, I am literally running out of adjectives. 



9. I am dying to see her in the Han Solo movie.



10. What have we done to deserve someone as hot as her?


11. Can the Game of Throne makers bring back the show early?


12. Who on earth looks like that?



13. The guy she is going to marry will be the luckiest.



14. Dear Emilia Clarke, you are a blessing.


15. Each of these pictures is hot and beautiful to the core.


16. Terminator, Star Wars, Game Of Thrones, what else are you going to surprise us with?



17. One of the best pictures of Emilia Clarke ever.


18. With or without the dragons, she will always be the queen.