15 Hilarious Wrong Number Text Message Replies

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We’ve all had those boring wrong number texts from children we’ve never met accusing us of being their parent, these however you won’t believe. The situations these people find themselves in when their wrong number replies are ridiculous but what’s even between is what they write back. From nudes to family disputes you can expect anything, so sit back and get ready for these hilarious and astounding wrong number conversations.

S*xy Wrong Numbers are Always Appreciated

The classic opportunist gets a wrong number sexy shot. Now, this situation just epitomises the high school boys dream the wrong number as opposed to the boring and mundane content of everyday wrong numbers. This guy keeps his cool with the perfect response and gets rewarded with another pic.

Wrong Number S*xy Pics Aren’t Always so Sexy, Sometimes Just Hilarious

Whoever received this must have had the best laugh of their life. On the other hand, the send one of the worst. Her apologies just make the how conversation even funnier as her embarrassment is made palpable. She’ll never live this down.

The Reply to This One Is Pure Gold


Once again another sexy photo sent to the wrong number but this time we have some male representation. The true comedy in this conversation is the brave and perfect reply photo. The final reply will get you every time as you see it dawn on the sender, and his embarrassment flows forth.