In a loathsome video, a maid is seen pouring her urine in her boss’s juice in Kuwait. The juice was ordered by the man of the house.

According to reports, the family was wary of the maid owing to unexplained reasons and to monitor her activities, they had fitted a secret camera in the kitchen.

How much trust do you have in your maid? If your answer is that you trust her completely, then this post will probably change your opinion on this matter. You will realise why you need to check on your maid from time to time to ensure that everything is fine.

A family who stays in Kuwait hired a maid, and they soon started having doubts about her. Hence, they set up a hidden camera to capture what she does in the kitchen. After they checked the footage from the camera, they were speechless because they could have never imagined that the maid would do such a horrendous thing.

As seen in the video, the juice was being prepared by another maid who co-assisted the perpetrator in the kitchen. After the former is seen leaving, the maid takes out a jar from her trouser. The jar allegedly contained her urine. Being heedful of the situation, she is seen gradually pouring urine in a juice glass.
Shocked by the undue event, the owner has warned the locals of such malicious attempts by maids.

Read on to know what was discovered in the footage.

1.The maid

The maid is the one wearing a scarf with leopard print.


2. She is very patient.

There is another maid who was preparing juice and this maid was watching her keenly.


3. What is she adding?

Once the other maid left the kitchen to do something else, that maid took a cup which was probably filled with urine since it was under her pants and then pours it into the juice. That is disgusting!


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