Harman Damar Beautifully Captured The Everyday Life In This Indonesian Village


Well, Camera is the best thing to capture someone’s every day’s best moment. The lenses of cameras actually capture a lot more than just someone everyday life. It captures the emotions hidden in that particular moments. But do you know what’s even more sensational than that? This Indonesian village. This self-taught photographer from Indonesia, Harman Damar, has beautifully captured the everyday life of some people living in an Indonesian village. It’s outside Jakarta, the nation’s capital. You better get ready to merge yourself in the beauty of these images.

Check Out These Fascinating pictures 

1. Shower time

This advertisement director- turned- hobbyist photographer, Harman Damar has added a beauty in the everyday life of the people of this Indonesian village.




2. The effect

Harman Damar uses a Canon 550D. The camera does full justice to his pictures. The images from this everyday life of the Indonesian village is really sublime.



3. The Aura

The photographer Harman Damar has taken these images to an absolutely another level. He has given a multi-sensory touch to these pictures of the everyday life.



4. Water nation

Harman Damar has proved the fact that he is magical. Even the people of this Indonesian village couldn’t have thought about the beauty of their everyday life.




5. Spear

It looks as if the kids are painted or they’re actually professional child model. Harman Damar has successfully created a magic through these pictures.






6. Computerized?

I am pretty sure our viewers are having serious difficulty in understanding if these pictures are photoshopped. Trust me, these aren’t.


7. So, they can read

Harman Damar has spent a considerable time in this Indonesian village. How can we say that? Such beautiful depiction of everyday life needs observation.




8. It has to be edited

I had to say this. Look at the beauty of this picture.



9. Colour Tone

Though the picture is black and white, Harman Damar has still sprinkled his magic over it.



10. Do you want to play?

Harman Damar is already playing with our eyes. I bet you had no idea that someone’s everyday life can make such interesting subjects for photos. This Indonesian village has a lot to offer.


11. Abundant water bodies

All I can see is water everywhere. One thing is sure, this Indonesian village is abundant in water.



12. Transaction

Harman Damar is really a man of talent. And, these pictures from the everyday life of people prove or point.



13. Flag Hoisting

Apart from having such a great everyday life, another beautiful thing about this Indonesian village is that it has literate kids.



14. Flying kid

See, again water. I think Harman Damar grew a weakness for this subject in his depiction of everyday life.




15. No words

How can a picture be so beautiful and how can Harman Damar be so talented. Well, at least we know that the pictures are beautiful because this Indonesian village is.






16. Darkness

The dark background has given this picture its drama. It seems there’s drama in every corner of this Indonesian village. Hats off to Harman Damar for pulling it out.


17. Pack-up

The beauty of this picture cannot be explained in words. This Indonesian village has really formed another heaven on earth.