Gym Guy Spends A Lot Of Money To Make Himself Look Old


We all have an inner desire to look forever young no matter how old we get. But have you ever thought about looking old when you’re young?

No one wants to look old. Especially in this age of fashion and incredible beauty standards. The anti-ageing industry is fast approaching a massive amount of $200 billion a year. Yes, you heard that right. $200,000,000,000 is being spent every year by people to look young.

This is mainly because of a trend that is being set up by people all over the world. The extraordinary beauty standards have failed to provide any comfort to people who are in the latter half of their lives. They hate growing up and when they notice some facial expressions and physical properties changing drastically, they tend to look for creams and surgeries to delay that process.

But for Pawel Ladziak, a 35-year-old gym junkie, he’s spending his money on hair dyes and beard to look old. Like, a LOT older. Upon first glance, Pawel looks like a 60-year-old hunk. And even though ageing up can be looked down upon, for Pawel, it brings out a lot more character.

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What about women, you ask? Well, his wife – a gorgeous woman – seems more than pleased with his transition.

Needless to say, he doesn’t spend his money on anti-ageing creams.

So why is he doing all of this?

This weird obsession started when he started to go white years ago and made up his mind he didn’t like wanted the old boring regular look. So, he just went all in on the “old” look. And now, he frequently gets mistaken for a man in his 50s or 60s.

So what’s the main point of all this? Why does this young fellow want to look like an old grandpa? One word; Instagram.

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According to Pawel, his hair started to grey years ago but he was not a fan of the greying, snowy-haired head. So he decided to leave behind the salt-n-pepper look and dye all of his hair into a more bright white.

Although he already had a massive following on his account, he noticed a huge increase in followers once he started to dye his hair all white. It all worked out in favour pretty well. He now has over 400,000 fans and a lot of sponsorships to keep him going.

Addict , Gym , Money , Old, young , Pawel Ladziak, anti-aging , theemergingindia, emerging, india

He started going to the gym when he was just sixteen years old. But he wasn’t that serious until just a few years ago when he noticed people were following his transformation very fondly. Ever since then he’s been regularly posting his pictures on social media and frankly, we dig it!