Watch: Gujarati Man Throws His Ailing Mother From Roof, Cooks Up A Suicide Story


The last time we heard about a tale that shattered the mom-son relationship was of a sixteen-year-old Noida boy, who killed his mother and sister with scissors and a pizza cutter because he was scolded and beaten up at home.

The latest new case has now come to light in which a 36-year-old assistant professor, Pushed his unwell 64 years old mother off the terrace in their residential building in Gujarat’s Rajkot in September last year.


roof, shattered, beaten up, residential, incident , investigation, scissors, direction

Sandip Nathwani, who teaches in a nearby Pharmacy college, was “fed up” with her illness, according to police. to begin with, Nathwani tried to prepare dinner up a tale saying that Jayashreeben fell off the terrace after dropping her balance as she was as she was suffering from some brain disease. And the police too registered a case of accidental death.

roof, shattered, beaten up, residential, incident , investigation, scissors, direction

however, CCTV cameras out of doors the residence helped in nailing Nathwani’ lies as he will be seen dragging his mother to the stairs. She was found dead soon after. The video of the incident has gone viral.

roof, shattered, beaten up, residential, incident , investigation, scissors, direction

The police investigation changed its direction after they received an unknown application.

Watch the disturbing video here:

DCP Karanjraj Vaghela, the investigating officer said:

“After receiving the application, we checked CCTVs installed in the apartment and the recording clearly suggested that Sandip was with Jayshreeben when she fell off the terrace,” said DCP Karanjraj Vaghela, the investigating officer.

In the beginning, Sandeep said he had come down from the terrace to fetch some water as his mom wanted it for “Surya Namaskar”. when he came down, she jumped off the terrace and died, he stated. Later he confessed to his crime.

“The CCTV footage clearly establishes the fact that at 08:56 am and 40 seconds, at the time when Jayshreeben fell and dies on the spot, Sandip was very much on the terrace. It is immediately after she fell to the ground that Sandip is seen rushing down,” DCP Vaghela said.

The police also said that the fact that she was bedridden and needed help to even walk, and persistent family quarrels, were also the reasons for her murder.

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