15+ Funny Photos showing the Two Sides of Social Media Life and Reality


11. So every time you see a perfect eye makeup, imagine this!

You won’t feel so ordinary anymore.


12. One moment you look all cute and the next you’re all wet.

This happens to everyone.


13. Haha, he is nailing the art of Instagramming.

He deserves a medal for this.


14. These are the hype version of both sides.

No one is that beautiful or ugly in the bathroom.


15. He is upping the bar really high up.

Some real talent going on here.


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16. It can’t get more real than this.

Both versions are beautiful.


17. Reality can really shake you up a bit.


18. Life can be really hard if it is not on the reel.


19. Even the pug is used to the norm now.


20. The struggle of making a frappuccino and posting the result on social media.

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