Fawad Khan Finally Speaks Up On Pakistani Artist Ban And It’s Heart Breaking

TEI Team

Girls swoon over him and they fell in love with Zaroon and Asher. But Fawad Khan conquered the hearts of Indian women when he came to Bollywood. Right from his first movie Khoobsurat, to Kapoor And Sons and the fiasco of his life, Ae Dil Hai Muhskil, no one can take Fawad out of women who drool over his mere glimpse and skip a heartbeat when they hear him talk.

After the tension at the Indo-Pak border, followed by the banning of Pakistani artists from the movies, Fawad Khan suddenly vanished from the scene. His role in Karan Johar’s ADHM was much anticipated but got axed under the pressure of censor board and the humungous tension that surrounded the release of the film, which in fact compelled Karan to put up an apologetic video online.

The last we know of Fawad is his Facebook status about the whole situation, but finally, a video released online shows what he feels about the whole fiasco and how has life changed for him after this.

At an event, Fawad began by saying, “Live audience ko dekhke mera gala band ho jata hai.”

On missing in action

He was asked about missing in action for a long time and he had a rather pinching answer which will make his fans develop a lump in the throat. Fawad said, “Log ab retire kar rahe hain mujhe, aajkal waise hi bada berozgaar hoon. But I obviously mean that in good humour and good taste.”

He further added, “With reference to things whatever has happened, it happens with any industry in the world.” It seemed like he was hinting at gossip mongers who declared that his career is over and how the banning of Pak artists in India might affect him.

What is he doing now?

Fawad said, “Just relaxing these days… Having a good time. It’s been a very long time since I’ve gotten out of the house.”
He talked about his low grades and how he got jobs according to that which he obviously didn’t like. Then he chose to become an actor and he enjoys his work now. The anchor teased him how young women inspire him, to which he blushed and laughed and nodded in consensus.


What does he like reading?

Fawad said, “Main zyada padhta nahin.” He added that his wife reads a lot and is a big fan of the poet Faiz.
Meanwhile the anchor recited a few couplets for Fawad, which are perhaps the ECG of every girl’s heart when they hear his name.

Tumhe bhi hojayegi ulfat mujhse, ek nazar tum mera mehboobe nazar to dekhor
On controversies

“It is the price you pay for stardom. They expect you to be some sort of a real life hero. We’re just people and I think everyone has had some chance to perform either in school or stage. That doesn’t mean you have to agree with the popular opinion.”

Fawad’s take on Social Media

“ I find it to be extremely fickle medium. That’s the major reason why celebrities remain in their holes.”

He also described that the happiest moments of his life were when his children were born and he added a witty one liner saying, “Main apni biwi se bhot pyar karta hoon jisse meri shaadi hui thhi.”

He was asked about the best advice somehow has given him, to which he had a very wise answer. “The best advice anyone can ever give you is no advice. Discover everything for yourself,” said Fawad.

His Inspiration

My wife is the biggest source of inspiration in my life. I’ve spent most of the time of my life with her, more than half of my life. She gives me a very genuine perspective.

What kind of a dad is Fawad?

“I’m a very lazy dad. If I can, then I’ll tell them to keep sleeping, watch T V and enjoy life.”

On being banned in Indian films 

The anchor referred to India as the ‘Hum Saya’ nation and asked Fawad about the ban in a very indirect fashion. Fawad guarded his words and said, “We go through unfortunate times, we have unfortunate experiences.” He explained the difference between education and literacy and said that the two are very different. He perhaps wanted to point out that educated people should react sanely on this entire episode. He added, “Dil khatta na karen.”

While the entire discussion seems to be speaking volumes about the whole ban and mixed feeling about Bollywood, Fawad seems to be really guarded yet heartbroken.