A Fan Trolled Mahira Regarding The Ranbir Kapoor Leaked Pictures Again. She Gave A Kickass Reply


It’s been a long time probably a year since the Ranbir Kapoor and Mahira Khan’s controversy but it seems that their fans still not got over that incident. People especially the fans of Mahira can’t forget how she was snapped sharing a smoke with Ranbir in London and the pictures went viral all over just in a matter of small time.

When the pictures got leaked and went viral everywhere, Mahira was badly trolled in Pakistan for smoking. It was being said from a source that both Ranbir and she were dating.

And even after so long time, It seems that the ghost of that controversy is still haunting Mahira as people are not able to overcome the past. The actress took to Twitter recently to congratulate cricketer Mohammad Hafeez as he announced his retirement from Test Cricket. Mahira wrote to him-

Mubarak on great innings and thank You!! I’m so glad I got to watch you play live. Love to you and the family.


Here came a follower who tried to troll Mahira by bringing the past in front of her. He replied to her and said-

Lgta hai koi khaas kaam nahin mil rha jab say Ranveer Kapoor waali pictures out hueen (It seems you are not getting much work since Ranveer Kapoor’s picture have been out.


Mahira gave a kickass reply to the tweet of troller and immediately corrected him by tweeting the right name i.e. Ranbir.

Now that’s a mouth shutting reply. Isn’t it?