The Exchange Between Gal Gadot & Ryan Reynolds Is A Bigger Crossover Than ‘Infinity War’


There has been so much debate online about whether ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ is the biggest, most ambitious crossover yet. And, the answer? No, absolutely not.

The meme has picked up so much momentum in these past few days, mainly because it’s a meme about the biggest and the most anticipated movie ever, we can’t talk about it, you know?

But, I would like to officially submit my nomination for the best crossover yet – a beautiful exchange between two fan-favorite superheroes.

Okay, let’s forget about Avengers for a moment and talk about the second most anticipated movie that will release soon after ‘Infinity War’. It’s ‘Deadpool’, of course. I’m hoping everyone has seen the second trailer of ‘Deadpool 2’, but if you haven’t, I’ve got your back. Here you go:

Yes, the whole trailer is amazing, but let’s focus on one point –

It looks familiar, right? Oh, wait.

Yes, that’s the joke, I know, but I’m glad that it happened because it led to this exchange between Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds.

She obviously called him out online.

Dude stole my look!! 😉🙅‍♀️😈 @vancityreynolds

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But, his reply makes up for it.

Yes, Ryan, good defense.

Well, he is a man with a lot of witty comebacks, because he had a better reply on Twitter.

I love this reply so much.

But, even Wonder Woman isn’t the first one.

Remember Wolverine?

Even Black Panther.

So basically, this needs to happen.