Supreme Court, National anthem, flag, emotions , equipments, failed, greatness

Our Emotion For The Nations Is Being Misused

A debate on nationalism once again started when The Supreme Court recently told that people don’t need to stand up to prove their patriotism when cinema halls play the national anthem. The same Court directed all the public theatres of the nation to play the national anthem before a movie on 30 November 2016.

Supreme Court, National anthem, flag, emotions , equipments, failed, greatness

It also directed all the people inside the hall to stand up during national anthem and theatre to show our flag on screen. Supreme Court might be very much sure that almost all people would welcome this decision.But it did not happen.This decision invited sharp criticism.Many people asked if patriotism can be forced upon citizens.Many blamed of violation of people’s fundamental right.Senior advocate KTS Tulsi said that apex court has no right to enforce such decision. Supreme court made a big mistake by issuing such notification.It should not have done so.But if once it did, All people should have welcomed that.The nation would be just an idea if we would not attach an emotion to it.How can a nation be strong if we don’t love and support it? We must be being proud of doing activities for our nation.Same love and dedication must be shown by our governments.If the government are efficient, decisive and honest, then such huge emotion of people can be utilized in making our nation great.But if our governments are not honest and efficient, people’s emotion would be misused.Same happened with us. We have always been told that our country has always been a great nation.We are taught to be proud of being part of our country.We always believed that our country is great.Our political parties and governments utilized our emotions in their own development.

Supreme Court, National anthem, flag, emotions , equipments, failed, greatness

The condition of our nation became worst because we kept shouting slogan like Mera Bharat Mahan without checking how really great it is at present and how much our government has worked to make our country such great? Our political parties and the government kept showing the great ancient India before us and made us fly in the sky of greatness so that we could not know what is happening on the ground.

Supreme Court, National anthem, flag, emotions , equipments, failed, greatness

None can deny that India was one of the brightest stars in the sky of the world in ancient time.The whole earth is grateful to us.Indian had contributed in every field like Science, Spirituality, Medicine, and Mathematics. Discovery of Zero and Meditation are well-known gifts of India to the rest of the world.I really feel proud whenever I recall all these things.But it is past.Our present is full of problem.We must remember our glorious past so that we can bring such glory back by learning from our recent past.Let’s see which are the facts which are rejecting the greatness of present India.

India is agrarian country.We have been cultivating our land for more than 5000 last some decades, some parts of our country specially Panjab, Haryana, Western UP and Andhra Pradesh comes under advanced farming.But rest of India still use manual labour and traditional equipment.Our farmers without any specific modern types of equipment have been serving the whole population of India.It is not less than a miracle. More than 60% of the population of India depends on farming. Unfortunately, We are not paying attention in improving the condition of farmers.

According to a report of National Crime Records Bureau of India, 12602 farmers committed suicides in 2015.In 2004, 18241 farmers committed suicide which is the highest number of farmer suicide ever recorded.Maharashtra tops the list of farmer suicide. Farmer suicide account for 11.2 % of all suicide.

Supreme Court, National anthem, flag, emotions , equipments, failed, greatness

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We are lagging behind in sanitation.Our cities and streets are full of garbage.According to a report by Times of India, India’s slum population will rise to 104 million by 2017. 60.4% people of India are without access to a toilet.  India has the worst access to safe drinking water in the world.According to the report of  WaterAid, a water and sanitation nonprofit headquartered in London, The country has 75.8 million people at least 5% of its 1.25 billion population without access to clean water.

India has by far the largest population of illiterate adults are at  287 million amounting the 37 % of the global total.A Recent report of Hindustan Times says There is a shortage of 5 lakh doctors in India.There is only one doctor is there for 1674  people.An incident took place in Odisha on 24 August 2016  in which a man slung his wife’s body after being denied an ambulance.The 2017 Global Hunger Index report ranked India 97th out of 118 countries with a serious hunger situation.

Supreme Court, National anthem, flag, emotions , equipments, failed, greatness

The position of women is not so well.Our sex ratio is just 940  which is alarming.67 % married women face discrimination from her husband, mother in law and father in law. Rapes are daily incidents.

Supreme Court, National anthem, flag, emotions , equipments, failed, greatness

From the above-mentioned fact, it is now clear that India was a great nation but it has lost its distinction of being one of the greatest nation and civilization. We know to make law but law runs faster than us.We walk behind can solve the problem only when we walk with the law. We made dowry act in 1961 but According to report published by India today on 22 April 2017, still  21 women are dying due to dowry every day.Awareness through education is needed in addition to the legislation.

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It is also clear that our government has failed miserably in last 70 years.It is true that we have been robbed, looted, destroyed by invaders and British but we could have solved our all problem and touched the height of greatness.We should have learnt from Japan and Germany.How did this two nation manage to gain prosperity after being damaged and destroyed by their enemies?

If We analyze the above-mentioned fact then we can find that India is not the great nation.What to talk about greatness, it even does not come in satisfactory position.What has gone has gone.The present is full of trouble but there is infinite future ahead of us.This is the time for our govt to realize their mistake and learn from them.We must be proud of being Indian but we must be realistic too.We must not let our govt to use our emotion against our nation.

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