DYTTO : The Real Life Barbie Girl, The New Master In Tutting


DYTTO : The Real Life Barbie Girl, The New Master In Tutting

Who run the world girls, meet seventeen-year-old Dytto, a dancer from South Florida, who moved to Los Angeles to chase her dreams.Dancing takes discipline and dedication and of course a lot of hard work, in a community mainly dominated by guys, she proves she can not only dance but blow minds away.


This is a dance that is hypnotizing, it’s an art form that requires total concentration and very specific movements within the right timing. It at times looks like it has been manipulated with special effects but no its happening in real time.

Dytto is well known for my unique finger tutting and tutting styles, and for being one of the only females to ever do it.


“The Drop featuring Dytto, with today’s guest host Fik-Shun is a weekly program on the World of Dance Network designed to promote new music to a thriving dance community. The WOD community is composed of like-minded artists who specialize in the visualization of music, unlike that of any other music distributions platform. Be sure to “hear and see” the best new music first only on the World of Dance Network.”

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