Love is in the air, or in this case, if I may call it, love happened to Sahir Khan in the air! This ‘desi’ dude fell in love, just like any normal guy on this planet, he got enamored with the beauty and the charm of a gorgeous Dutch pilot, Eser Aksan.




So Sahir apparently fell in love with her after looking at her pictures on Instagram, and instead of sliding into her DM’s like the millennial crop is doing these days, he went for the big move and decided to ask her for marriage.


Okay, give the inner grammar Nazi some rest and spare a moment for his emotions. Innocent, sweet and thoughtful. But soon, someone replied to his comment.



It wasn’t some random dude piling on, but none other than the pilot’s husband. She obliged Sahir with the information.



Sahir took it in his stride and apologised, but not before asking if Eser had a sister or not! Typical.


Well, it’s tough finding love in 2018 and a man’s gotta do what he’s gotta do to find his’saccha Pyaar’.