Class 11 Girl Allegedly Beheaded By Stalker In Front Of School


A class 11 girl from Kotma village that is 30 km from Anuppur in Madhya Pradesh, was allegedly decapitated in front of her school on February 22, by a stalker. The accused has been detained and is being questioned by the police.


The incident

The lady, Pooja Panika, had her biology practicals at 1 pm. At around 12:30 pm, when she was in front of the school, the accused Dilip Sahu ran up to her and allegedly hacked her neck thrice with a sword, said a retired school teacher, who is the only informant, according to The Times of India. Pooja died on the spot.

The professor raised an alarm and alerted the police. The accused fled quickly. The other students in the school did not witness the incident as classes were still going on. The professor did not want their students to witness the grisly sight, therefore, refrained them from going outside until the police came and removed the body, sword and all traces of blood.

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Dilip Sahu has been detained after taking statements from the girl’s relatives. Sahu had allegedly been stalking her for years. “In 2014, the girl had filed a complaint against Dilip and a criminal investigation was done on the matter,” police officer Vijay Singh told ANI.  

The Emerging India take

Our society nurtures male guys of their family with such egos that they go to the extent of killing someone if they don’t get their way. The inherent patriarchy makes men believe that a woman has no right to say no to him.


Pooja’s death is not an only incident. In December 2017, a woman was set on fire by her stalker for refusing his. It is the time we realize the importance of consent and spread awareness on gender equality.

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Courtesy and Image Credit: The Times of India