Can you guess what’s wrong with this ad? Twitterati trolled it very badly

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In this advertisement, a doctor is analyzing an X-ray report with all her seriousness – attempting to spot a very critical problem, one would assume.And on the right side, There is a listing of all the services offered by the pathological lab. All seems okay, right? Not at all Look again!

Sure, we all have been guilty at some point or the other of letting typos and grammatical errors go by without notice, or even a wrong picture. Heck, our Union ministers have tweeted out photos of wrong players while wishing them luck on the field. But these are errors that can be fixed, even if not forgotten. But what if your mistake is the size of a massive billboard on the road?!

Someone possibly could lose their job over it, especially if the error puts a question mark on the very service that you’re offering.

And that is exactly what happened with a billboard put up by Dr. Lal PathLabs Limited, a diagnostic center that provides healthcare tests all across India. It was one of their posters, spotted somewhere in Kolkata that caught the attention of people and how.

Now take a look at the image again? Find anything wrong? No? The X-ray?!

Yes, that’s it… the X-ray that the doctor seems to be studying is upside down, and no points for guessing that once that was pointed out in the social media space, there was no looking back. Not only have people relentlessly been making fun of it, but there are also others who have seriously questioned the brand’s credibility.

After the error was brought to the brand’s attention, all three hoardings from the city were removed, and replacements are reportedly being arranged.

Here are the original advertisement and the reactions.

Do you agree with him?

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Some ‘real’ doctors also pointed out the glaring error.

Finally, Dr. Lal Pathlabs responded and assured that they would remove the hoardings.

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But this is not a single case. If you look wide and hard enough you would come across several such road signs or even sign boards that will force you to stop and have a good laugh.