Brave Woman Names And Shames Scammer Who Tried To Lure Her With A Lucrative Job Offer


Many folks – ladies and men – were attacked through a person we know or a random stranger at the net in one manner or the alternative, validating that cyberbullying is just now not the monster below your mattress, it is way bigger than that.

With a lot of social media channels at one’s disposal, there’s no dearth of creeps slowly seeking to move slowly into your personal life and invade your privacy. And these human beings, who attain out to harmless individuals aren’t in minority, to say the least.

So, how big is this business anyway?

Surprisingly, India stands at the third spot in cyberbullying, the global youngsters on-line Behaviour Survey performed by Microsoft revealed. to feature to that, here is another case.

A Chennai based totally blogger, Namya Baid, was currently attacked by someone who claimed to provide a job with Air France. the man is called ( +91 73566 88358) Namya and inquired a couple of derogatory questions. He requested her the size of her breast and the dimensions of her waist. He even lied to her, stated someone else will name the organization whereas he was the only one talking to her.

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A couple of calls later, he qualified Namya for a third round and requested her to be alone in the room. On this call, he requested her to reveal her tattoos, display her stomach and take her innerwear off while carrying the blouse.

Namya did not do any of this, she disconnected the call.

Read the full post here:

Girls, and everyone around.This is something serious. I don't want anyone to go through this.So please please be…

Posted by Namya Baid on Wednesday, 3 January 2018


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The good part of this ordeal was that Namya recorded every bit of it: the calls, chat, and video. She now has proof to validate that she was stressed and targeted and might sue this man.

what is more important that we keep our cool and report the issue even if as a sufferer you have shared details which probably should not have, it does not deliver all people the proper to harass or damage you.

Never succumb to these scumbags. It takes a lot of courage, but it is worth standing up to them. More power to you, Namya!

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