25+ Best Authentic Spot-On Cosplays Will Make You Think They Were Real

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It’s not every day you see someone doing cosplay and it’s much more rare to see people that are able to resemble so similar to the character. The resemblance does not only begin with the outfit, but it goes as far as using makeup or even people who look exactly similar. Some of these people spend a lot of time to gain that similar look and making their own outfit. If you do a research, these artists have to spend weeks to months to costume-make their costumes.

They may even train and go on diet to earn the same body shape as the character. It’s definitely a challenge, but satisfying to achieve. We have prepared some top 40 cosplay costumes of famous cartoons. They range from grandmas to youngsters, all done perfectly with similarities down to 99% the same. Some of them come from cartoons of our childhood and you’ll definitely enjoy them!

#1 This iconic sexy chick will make everybody look at her twice.


#2 Grandma and her beloved pet dog.


#3 Mysterious Ladybug!

#4 Not just your typical schoolgirl, is she?


#5 Similar down to every edge!

#6 The real one looks so much better, we all have to agree.


#7 Velma, oh girl, no one ever knew you were such a beauty.