Before Taking A Vacation To Paris Here Is The Expectation And Reality Of The Location


The most Instagrammed city and the most lovely city in the world where thousands of tourist come and go every day as it is the main visitor spot in the world and people love it here as it displays the image of love and romance is all over the corner. Well, this is not only recognised for couples but also for fashion junkers who are high on designer clothes but with all the luxury and stargazing site there are also some defects which are not shown in google pictures as it’s like an expectation and reality where Paris is also like any other country.

The City Of Love

Paris is the city of love where this is the only place where you will see many couples and fashion birds rambling around the edge and the best part of the city is you can see all the luxuries that are placed in one place and if you ever go there you will befall in love but it looks like we got bug on this perfect city.


Expectation Vs Reality

Well, you must be saying that all countries have some bug and every country is not precise but let me tell you the fact that Paris has been considered as the most romantic city in the world and because of it’s gorgeous view people fall in love and always wanted to go and settle down there.


People have seen it in a number of movies or any tourist location that Eiffel tower and many more places which mainly dragged the tourist attraction but one thing which hasn’t been revealed is the reality of the inside of the city.

Most Tourist Location

Well this is the most tourist location which has been never shown in any google pictures or anyone shared it on social media but this photographer David Tesinsky showed us the inside pictures of the most lovable city Paris.

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David Tesinsky is an independent photographer from Prague and he used to take photos of places so that he can document it and for that, he visited Paris where it didn’t show anything about Eiffel tower and any fancy shops but the reality of the city.


Most Instagrammed City

The most Instagrammed place in the world where the photographer is showing us the different perceptive of people who look Paris in a different way and the homeless people who are shown is still surviving in this city of love.


Favourite Spot

If we search it in any google the best place to visit in a world is Paris and it is for all the honeymoon goers and couples who ravish the city with all heart and now we know that Paris is just like any other countries with so many flaws.

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