Anushka Sharma Is Targeted Again By Trolls As Virat Kohli Fails, Seriously What’s The Wrong With These People?


Slamming a player when he fails is one factor, however, going after a loved one or member of the family is simply not acceptable.Regrettably, that is just what happened to Anushka Sharma when Virat Kohli departed for just 5 in the first Test against South Africa. This was the first time Kohli was batting after they tied the knot in December last year.

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What is even extra pathetic is the truth that this form of the reaction was expected. yes, it has happened before. while India misplaced in the 2015  World Cup semifinal, many people blamed Anushka for being a distraction. By means of that logic, she must be given credit when he does play well, but that is never the case.

fans, troll, wedding, credit, luck, captain, expect, test, semifinal,

Many might argue that it’s is just in good humour and need to not be taken seriously, however, the reality is, this is indeed serious. Calling someone a horrific omen or a bad good fortune charm, in particular, if she occurs to be the wife of our captain, is not suited.

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fans, troll, wedding, credit, luck, captain, expect, test, semifinal,

Back in 2016, Kohli had come out in defense of Anushka whilst the couple was going through a difficult patch. They were separated and every time Kohli failed to score, they would attribute his failure to Anushka leaving him. the man couldn’t take it anymore and lashed out at the ones trying to pull her down and said they have to be embarrassed about themselves. He has not commented on the problem until now, however, if things get out of hand, don’t assume him to preserve lower back.

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Here are what some people had to say on Twitter when our skipper departed cheaply



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