When it comes to sharing her personal life, Amanda Stanton, the former Bachelor contestant from Ben Higgins’ season is being very vocal. Reportedly, the mother of two went through a breast augmentation back in February. And now confirming the reports Amanda Stanton finally opens up about the breast augmentation.

Amanda has shared her experience on Thursday through her self-titled blog, AMANDA STANTON.

The reality star-turned to a blogger took quite a long time to open up about it, she revealed that she took such a long time because talking about the procedure makes her a bit anxious.

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After two pregnancies her boobs actually got disappear that she has no choice than going through the breast augmentation.

To be honest, I don’t know a single mom who has breastfed in my world who didn’t *contemplate* the idea of getting a boob job or a lift of some sort,’ she wrote.

‘Before I was pregnant, I had full Bs. Once I had Kins & Char and breastfed them both for a year, they were basically… gone.’

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Amanda also revealed that how she got a 250cc soft touch silicone implants and noted that the decision was not a hasty one.

In her blog post, she also talked about the difficulties that she faced throughout being a single mother. But she never let herself get down in front of the tough times.

‘Having two little girls and being a single mom wasn’t an ideal time to have surgery,’ she said.

‘I had to be mobile and active. Now that the girls are older and my mom is officially moved back to California, I was able to have a couple days to just rest up and heal properly.’


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When it comes to the pain, Amanda said that physically it hurt more on the second day but what hurts her the most was the emotional detachment from her two little angles.

Amanda Stanton was under Drnaturally T.Y. Steven Ip, a celebrity plastic surgeon, throughout breast augmentation procedure.

Sharing his experience with Amanda, Dr. Steven said, Amanda, made a great candidate for breast augmentation surgery.’

‘She had two children which left her with deflation of her natural breast tissue. She maintained her weight throughout her pregnancies so there was no need for a formal breast lift.

‘Her goals were reasonable, desiring a naturally elegant look that would be proportional to her body,’ he continued.

The single mother is presently dating the entrepreneur Bobby Jacobs.

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